Friday, December 30, 2011

Miharu Matsunaga

I came across Miharu Matsunaga Dots portraits several times. It seems like they have been featured on every bigger photography blog. Young Miharu has background from graphic design and dots appears in her other works as well ( TEN TEN series).

I adore Miharu  Dot portraits for the silent poetry and purity that covers something deeply human and intimate.
This is something that a lot of young Japanese photographers have in common and it interesting oposite to "overwhelming" western pictures.

Miharu dots portraits:

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Denise Grunstein

Denise Grünstein is one of the best known and most highly respected profiles in Swedish photography. Her images are easily recognized for their characteristic, intensely present, highly personal and quite romantic artistic expression. 
Considered one of Sweden´s foremost portrayers of people, be they models, actors, dancers, directors or authors, she has a unique ability to imprint her own feelings and temperament on film. Besides people, nature has been another main source of inspiration for Denise throughout her career, with much of her most powerful work distiguished by often subtle natural romantic elements.

Pseudo Documentation by David DiMichele

"Pseudo Documentation, is a series of large-scale photographs depicting grandiose installations in fantasy exhibition spaces. DiMichele creates this work by first building scale models of exhibition spaces, and producing original artworks in drawing, painting and sculpture mediums, which are sited in the spaces and then photographed to create the final works. 

The Pseudo Documentation photographs are inspired by DiMichele’s background with photography, installation art, abstract forms and passion for monumental museum and gallery architecture combined to create this photographic series of work.
(text from Sweet station)

Check his website here: